To Those Who Have Served and Given Their All That I Might Live!

Me in 1973.
(Kadena AB, Okinawa)

My Enlistment Dates
July 1, 1971 to
September 30, 1976

My Awards and Decorations
Honorable Discharge
Air Force Commendation Medal
National Defense Service Medal
Good Conduct Medal
Longevity Ribbon


My Lost Friend
Richard Deane Smith
Private First Class
Killed In Action
Quang Nam Province
South Vietnam
May 25, 1970
Age 19

Richard's name is on the
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Panel 10W, Row 100

Thanks, Rick!
I miss you each and every day!
I will never forget you or your sacrifice!

 Military VA Loan Award


Thank You


To all the men and women who served, like my friend Rick, in the armed forces of the United States of America. Thank you all for your dedication, loyalty, integrity, bravery, sacrifice, and courage.



I Promise


Because of the incredible sacrifice of those I served with and who gave their all, and for the many others that I did not, nor ever will serve with, but gave their lives so that I may remain free and safe, I make these promises to you all:

-- I promise to live my life in the fullness of joy and gratitude.

-- I promise that, because of your selfless act, giving me the chance to live my life, I will become extraordinary for you.

-- I promise to always strive to be happy.

-- I promise to always be grateful for what I have. To be vigilant, to be respectful, to be tolerant of others who may not agree with me in all things, but I will demand, on your behalf, that they be respectful of others as well.

-- I promise that I will live my life well and accomplish all the things that you would expect me to accomplish because you are not able.

-- I promise to always be honorable in all things.

-- I promise to be faithful to my friends and family.

-- I promise to raise my children well and keep them mindful of what you all did for them.

-- I promise that I will always remain mindful of your sacrifice.

-- I promise to never do anything that brings dishonor to your memory.

-- I promise to never take my freedom and safety for granted.

-- I promise to remain loyal to my oath, even though I am no longer in the U.S. military, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.


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In the meantime, when you see one of our troops, stop and thank them. They would appreciate that very much!

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